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The products frequently supplied by us,

1, Galvanized pipe(pre galvanizied steel pipes, hot dipped galvanizied steel pipes, GP steel pipes etc.)

What is galvanized pipe? Galvanized pipe has been coated with a layer of zinc. The zinc provides a barrier against corrosion so that the pipe may be exposed to the outdoor environmental elements. The protective barrier proves equally effective against damage from indoor humidity.

Nowadays the most used galvanized pipe is hot dipped galvanized steel pipes. The sizes usually ranges from 21.3mm to 219mm. We can also offer pre galvanized steel pipes. The Pre Galvanized Pipes made using qualitative steel are pre coated from zinc that further adds to the strength of metal and resist corrosion. These are available in several lengths, sizes and thickness(usually from0.8mm to 2.3mm)  as per the requirements of our customers. The pipe is made from finest metal, making it corrosion resistant and robust in design.

 2, ERW pipes( ERW steel pipes, ERW square tubes, ERW rectangular steel tubes)

What is ERW pipe, ERW pipe is one kind of pipe made by Electric Resistance Welding, formed by rolling of a plate. The sizes usually for ERW is from 1/8” to 26”. By cold-drawing or heat expanding may transform the outer diameter and wall thickness in accordance to different application.

The advantage for ERW pipe is the high production efficiency, material savings. ERW steel pipes are widely used in aviation, energy, Electronics, auto industry light industry etc.

3, carbon steel seamless pipe

What is seamless pipe, seamless pipe is one kind of steel pipe made by steel rod which is pushed on to the mandrel to form the shape of pipe or tube. It is available in different sizes.

The seamless steel pipe could be used: 1) on construction materials, like underground transmission 2) Machining, like bearing sleeves, Metal Working Machines & Accessories 3) Electrical, like natural gas transportation, pipe line for water and power generation.  4) Conduct tube, like electrostatic tube for wind power plant.

4, LSAW pipe

What is LSAW pipe? LSAW standards for Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welding, one welding type, by one straight welding seam or two straight welding seams. Sizes from 325mm to 1420mm usually by one straight welding seam while two straight welding seams may be taken for outer diameters 914.4mm in accordance the relative standard for the pipe and the wall thickness.

The advantage of LSAW steel pipe is the thickness could be from 8mm to 120mm with diameters from 325mm to 1820mm with high steel grade. They are widely used in heavy steel structure fluid transportation pipe line etc.

5, Spiral welded pipe/ helical welding steel pipe

What is spiral welded pipe? Spiral welded pipe is made by steel plates or coils, formed by spiral Submerged Arc Welding type. The welding type SAW is the same with LSAW pipe, it’s just the welded seam shape is spiral or helical.

Spiral welded pipe could produce the large diameters max. up to 3048mm, with wall thickness 5mm to 30mm. The advantage is low production cost and material savings. And the length could reach longer up to 32meters in accordance to the steel mill facility and site. Spiral steel pipes are used in water, petroleum & gas, chemicals, power, irrigation and city construction etc.

6, carbon steel pipe fittings,

What is pipe fitting? Pipe fittings are accessories which are used to connect pipes, including with elbows, tees, reducers, caps, flanges, etc. The function of pipe fittings are connection, control, turning, shunt, sealing, supports etc.  

There are two international systems for the pipe fittings, one is DIN standard representing the European pipe fittings systems, and another is ANSI representing the American pipe fitting systems. ANSI mainly including ANSI 16.5 and ANSI B16.47.

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